Outdoor: 5 percursos pedestres para explorar com a The North Face

Outdoor:5 walking routes to explore with The North Face

The summer holidays are over (or almost) but there are many reasons to leave home and continue to enjoy the good weather with which our beautiful Portugal presents us! And if you don't know any other way than the beach, write it down:Arouca Geopark. Which is like saying, the best spots in the neighborhood to launch yourself on the adventure of walking routes.

And if you accept our suggestion, don't forget to do it in style. At La La Land you will find the coolest pieces for outdoor activities . The choice is obvious:we could only be talking about The North Face . Founded by Douglas Thompkins and Dick"Hap"Klopp in 1964, The North Face is a leader in the creation of outdoor and sportswear.

And now, let's get down to business. Check out our tips for the 5 best walking routes of the Arouca Geopark .

# 1 Paths of Montemuro

Starting and arriving at Sra. Do Monte, Alvarenga, this route has a distance of 19km, an estimated duration of 6 hours and a medium/high degree of difficulty. Along this route, you will pass the highest point in the entire Arouca Geopark territory - the Geodesic Landmark of Pedra (with an altitude of 1222m). Here, the view over the villages and the Serra de Montemuro and the breathtaking landscapes are just some of the reasons to make your way.

# 2 Paths of the Urtigosa Valley

“Walking through the Urtigosa valley means getting to know some of the most beautiful places in the parishes of Rossas and Urrô. The Urtigosa river and the Escaiba river run close to several curious villages, such as Provisende, Lourosa de Matos and Souto Redondo, where the very typical chapels gain a special grace. ” On this route, you will cover a distance of 11km in an estimated duration of 5 hours. The highest point is 500 meters and departure and arrival are at the Igreja Matriz de Rossas.

# 3 Paths of the Rising Sun

Green, terraced fields, and the clear water that flows in the various sources are just some of the wonders that await you in the Paths of the Rising Sun. With a starting point and arrival at the Igreja Matriz de Moldes, a distance of 13km and a maximum altitude of 770m, this route has as points of interest the Cascadas do Ribeiro das Rocas or the villages of Bustelo, Adaúfe, Espinheiro and Fuste.  

# 4 Cercanias da Freita

This route has as its starting point/arrival point the Chapel of Santa Maria do Monte and its landscape is covered by a green mantle. The villages of Ameixieira, Chão-de-Espinho, Espinho, Peoples, Forcada and St.ª Mª do Monte are some of the points of interest on the route that has more than 13km and a maximum altitude of 840m.

# 5 Escarps of Mizarela

“The escarpments of Mizarela have a lot to teach us about the fauna and flora of this“ Serra Encantada ”, which is Freita.” Beginning and ending at the Merujal camping site, in Serra da Freita, it allows you to pass through the Biodiversity Station and through some of the most privileged views of the Frecha da Mizarela. The distance is 8 km, but don't be fooled:this is a high difficulty route - if it weren't for its steep climbs and descents.

If you're just thinking about going on an adventure, explore here more information about the Arouca Geopark walking routes and choose your pieces from The North Face here . Then, you already know:make your way!

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