Música para os teus ouvidos: Miramar Confidencial

Music to your ears:Miramar Confidencial

After the heartbreak portrayed in “The Last Tango of Mafamude” , 2018 album, David Bruno, artist from Gaiense behind the success of “ Cara de Chewbacca ” by PZ and half of Conjunto Corona , returns to the video albums. This time, we went back to 1980, to learn the story of a contractor taking the first steps in his career. A moment to think about what you just read. Yes, the story of a contractor.

Inspired by the appearance of inscriptions everywhere that read things like"Adriano Malheiro caloteiro"or"Malheiro caloteiro couple", David Bruno went to the investigation and even got in touch with the person in question. The answer?"The matter has been handed over to the competent authorities, but if you need construction work, talk to me."And so, the data for “Miramar Confidencial” was released.

Work in which “gravel, tout-venant, plasterboard, debts, seafood, lawyers, misfortunes, windshields, guitar solos and synthesizers intersect harmoniously in a complex plot and conceptually as Portuguese as cod fishing or dogs with dishes." and where semi-reality (or semi-fiction) is once again the main feature of this musical buffet.

It is 'Luso-kitsch' at its peak and you will not want to miss this perfect marriage between “beautiful and cheery”. Enjoy!

Renato Cruz Santos Pictures

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