Música para os teus ouvidos - L'Entourloop

Music to your ears - L'Entourloop

I have a knee turning on the yellow light, but nobody tells me to run after kids. It was an option made by me and I put up with late dinner and the kids already in bed for the necessary good that the ball brings. I climb into bed and pick up the phone to browse the internet for nuggets. I've been looking for something for a few months…good. Tried Ferrero Rocher but nothing. French Hip-Hop, BTCC racing, Alfas Romeo in the DTM and a few new brands of clothing but so far none of the sensation felt, for example, when discovering the Madvillany. Of wanting effusively and immediately to share. But today it happened, in an interesting succession of clicks and snuggles in a corner of the Internet were L'Enterloop and that's why this text was born. I will explain how it happened.

Cut Killer came to Plan B this Sunday, and it hurts inside me that I didn't see it. I opened Youtube and looked for his scene at La Haine, snaps his fingers, HOOOP HOOOP, you know. And if they don't know, they have time to know that it's only good. I saw it for the thousandth time. The end. Click on the suggestion, Plash One - Nique La Police. Cool, but see where this takes us. Next suggestion - Sleaford Mods - Bunch of Kunst, different at the beginning, addictive in the middle. I want more, Second, Jolly F*cker and Nudge It. Everything that came out is better than Taarabt's underwear at Queen Park Rangers. I will continue in this line of the algorithm. What is this?! L'Entourloop - Start From Scratch, I'll click.

I have to insert a gif of a homerun, but it could also be that guy doing the explosion scene in his head. Go to Homerun because actually I had already inserted it in the post and I don't feel like changing all this now.

How likely are you to have ignored it, just not clicked it and gone back to watching something from Best Motoring or gone to watch videos of a Citroen Saxo Kit Car screaming itself to sleep? Well, pure luck. Looking good these L'Enterloop seem to be 2 old ones. I researched and the images suggest that there is some mystery there, in these Sir James and King Johnny. Regardless of who these two are, they are capable of serving up monumental doses of sonic taste. We know right away when it's pure love for the way it's done and they must love it like crazy, because what they do is of great quality. It's 1:24 am and I'm just writing this. And I'm still going to make a picture that I want to share what I met with you first thing in the morning.

I hope you enjoy 1:16:42 of Start From Scratch as I am.

Image Credits: Twitter (twitter.com/lentourloop_)

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