Música para os teus ouvidos - Hotel California

Music to your ears - Hotel California

There are days when everything we do goes to shit. We live in the first person the failure of the goal in front of an open and lonely goal. Other days we wake up on an ordinary morning and are destined for the next few hours to dig the stone of history with beautiful deeds and events. It is the life, not of all, but of some touched by the gentle hand of fate.

Today was my day because in a stroke of brilliance I remembered to bring you a playlist ONLY WITH THE MUSIC HOTEL CALIFORNIA. I won't be filling up much more chorizo here because I imagine you want to quickly get into this sound experience that will caress your eardrums with the waves of such epic music, but I want there to be as much information on the internet about what happened to me when buying sand to the cat about 15 minutes before 5 pm and where I felt from the tip of my toes to the tip of the longest hair on my head that had been chosen to give great musical pleasure to millions of beings with hearing ability. Out of curiosity, the appetizing smell of success is similar to that of mixed Panike.

It is not necessary to thank in person or by message, I am a person who appreciates the quiet.

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