Música para os teus ouvidos: Ena Pá 2000 (na viragem de uma nova década)

Music to your ears:Ena Pá 2000 (at the turn of a new decade)

We officially entered a new decade and nothing better than doing it remembering one of the mythical bands of our country:the Ena Pá 2000. There are those who like it, who hate it, who delight in the humor that is so characteristic of them or those who don't understand them ( is there anything to understand?) and just pass them on purpose.

We cannot escape from one thing:whatever group we are in, Ena Pá 2000 is, for Portugal, an “institution of musical debauchery” . Proof of this are titles such as You Are Cruel , I Want to Fuck You , Alcina , Masturbation or Gurnard , unsuitable for children under 18.

And as if the obscene repertoire were not enough, the band is still led by Manuel João Vieira , also known by the heteronyms Elvis Ramalho, Lello Minsk or Orgasmo Carlos, among others. Recognized for his pornographic humor and industrial doses of non-sense , Manuel João thus completes the picture of what is, without much or any opposition, “the most histrionic, fanciful and possibly obscene (they don't agree!) Portuguese musical band”.

But the picture is only complete when we imagine the scenery of MJV's home in Campo de Ourique, a true “fantasy retreat, whose lighting reminds us of Russian novels from the 19th century, with dozens of screens sharing the space, old sound systems, a piano, a cuckoo clock, many hats, some of them broken, a rocking chair between used sofas, a music box with a ballerina dancing to the sound of"Rain keeps falling on my head", genital prostheses, album covers, CDs of opera, classical music and a plastic ghost that vibrates with a theremin sound. ”

The picture is complete and it couldn't be more kitsch or more bizarre , as we like it so much here.

Images via Youtube and News Magazine

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