Música para os teus ouvidos: Hip-Hop Golden Days

Music to your ears:Hip-Hop Golden Days

It is not necessary to travel far in time to discover the roots of Hip-Hop that emerges in the 70s, in the heart of the Bronx. In a New York very different from today and where the street is the chosen leisure space for hundreds of young people.

It is here that more than one style of music is born, a highly influential social movement that invoked “Peace, Union and Fun” and that was based on four pillars:MCing , DJing , B-boying and Graffiti Writing . And so, in this very universe, each young person had an important role to play.

West Coast vs East Coast

Fast forward until the 80s and 90s, when the day-to-day life of the streets is described about heavy beats and where there is talk of fights with the forces of power, beefs with other rapers or about the world of"business".

Golden age of American Hip-Hop , by this time widely disseminated and rooted in the culture of that country, in this playlist that we share today (you are welcome!) It is easy to notice the growth of West Coast Hip-Hop that with a more rhythmic and musical it conquered quite a public while the East Coast remained faithful to its heavy and lyricist past.

Present and future:Hip-Hop until today

An indispensable subculture until today, it was in the first half of the 2000s that the popularity of Hip-Hop grew, creating a style of dance or clothing, reaching the status of philosophy of life for many.

And today it is still possible to feel Hip-Hop in the streets and neighborhoods, among the groups of young people who gather at every corner, in baggy pants and oversized t-shirts.

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