Música para os teus ouvidos: as escolhas de Pedro Santos (a.k.a. Tropic)

Music for your ears:the choices of Pedro Santos (aka Tropic)

Multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator, Tropic, artistic pseudonym for Pedro Santos, is a passionate confesser of visual and graphic culture. And if, as a designer, you are primarily focused on editorial projects, art direction and graphic identity, as an illustrator (and under the “Tropic” alter ego) you are “committed” to illustrating just what you want, where and how you want it.

And it is on this paper, that of illustrator, that we see his imprint most imprinted:landscapes and characters that refer us, so often, to more exotic places, born from a color palette that is very specific to him (to the artist, of course) ). Oranges, pinks and reds mixed, again and again, with yellows, greens or blues.

With mostly digital illustrations, Tropic does not escape the need for exploration:whether we talk about textures, the mixture of analog with digital or that simple and primary desire to get your hands dirty with ink.

And it was with eyes set on his works, as if he sits watching a sunset with any cocktail in hand, that we asked Pedro to share with us some of the songs that make up his usual playlist. And it is not surprising that influences from other latitudes are recognized… Right ?! Make good use of it!

First image via basqueiral.pt

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