Música para os teus ouvidos: as escolhas de Luís Seixas (a.k.a. Saci)

Music for your ears:the choices of Luís Seixas (aka Saci)

His name is Luís Seixas, better known as Saci, and it was from his passion for electronic sports and sport in general that GodLike was born. And what is GodLike? Simple:an eSports Bar, dedicated to electronic sports and where the transmission of major game tournaments such as Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, League of Legends or DOTA 2 is regular.

But don't be fooled:there is also space - and lots of it - for sports like football, basketball, tennis or others. So don't be shy, and stop by on those days when you just feel like going out to “see the ball”.

And from here we jump to what brings us to another “Music for your ears”:Saci's musical choices where rock 'n' roll of the 60's is king and lord. And in this playlist there is no shortage of compelling references to this musical style - the case of Elvis Presley , Chuck Berry and Rosemary Clooney . It will be difficult to control the “rockabilly” in you! 😉

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