Música para os teus ouvidos - O meu coração arde! Azia ou Enfarte?

Music to your ears - My heart burns! Heartburn or Infarction?

Apparently, I've lived long enough for those who come before me in the long and complex spatio-temporal fabric to have seen something that I and my peers have done and appreciate to the point of copying. The most interesting thing is that due to the internet filter these kids nowadays only filtered the good things from the nooghties "scene" and got the first distillate of one of the most important subcultures of the zero decade. The pants and clothes are loose but bordering on the ridiculous and the sneakers don't look like boats. Positive.

The 2000s were marked by the emergence of the Internet as we know it today. All of a sudden we left the Discman in the drawer and set off into a world of music sharing that allowed us to be exposed to thousands of bands and their work. What used to cost €10 in the store was now free and available to anyone at home. It's a Rui from 2000 that brings you this playlist, with some of the songs that were always on powerplay in my Winamp, taken from a Napster of this life.

Here's the playlist, I hope you enjoy it:

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