Estupidamente Aleatório - da mediocridade à salvação da Humanidade

Stupidly Random - from mediocrity to the salvation of humanity

Inuyashiki was something that I discovered recently and that leads me to share the discovery with you. It is an anime manga that was presented to the world in 2017 and in a movie in 2018 and that takes place around the life of Inuyashiki, a fifty-year-old man who lately seems to only know how to lose and who sees everyone around him repelling him. In a chance of life, an Inuyashiki already condemned to death ends up sharing the same space in a park as Shishigami, a young student, not imagining that in a few moments an alien spaceship will crash in front of him and take their lives. Luckily the aliens manage to replace the two characters with highly armed cyborgs and that's how the change in the lives of these two characters who see their recently acquired powers in a contrasting way, with Inuyashiki doing good and Shishigami causing as much trouble and death around you.

The two characters end up getting involved in an epic battle between good and evil. To view on Amazon Prime Video.

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