Grandes mudanças - A nova La La Land Store

Big changes - The new La La Land Store

Hello, my name is Rui and I come to explain what happened to La La Land Store as soon as September started. Below is an image below that is able to help.

La La Land Store - Men's clothing and accessories only

Although it does not seem, maintaining a business afloat is not easy and as such requires decisions and changes when necessary. We ran the numbers and as if by magic the best thing on our part was to close the women's and footwear section and continue happy with men's clothing and accessories. We continue to work with Fred Perry, Carhartt WIP, Fila, North Face, Nixon, Kappa and Levi's at the moment and in the future we want to add new brands to the portfolio.

We are also strengthening our Logbook with more content and new segments throughout the week.

La La Land Store, is from C # r # l% &!

La La Land Store - It's Caralh #

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