Estupidamente Aleatório: Tofu

Stupidly Random:Tofu

António has a fishmonger, barely opens his eyes, likes to smoke cigarettes, turning over a mug of ripe white at lunch and managing and keeping on board until he goes to bed. As he gets a little twisted after dinner, his son, Tiago Filipe André, takes the fish from Cortegaça to Arouca along its twisted roads. As the scoundrel is not a spinner, he puts a glass of water in the coin hole whenever the son is going to deliver and he has to bring it back straight, without turning a drop. So the fish doesn't dance in the suitcase and doesn't arrive in the restaurant that will serve it the next day. Smart this António, introducing techniques he learned from the Karate Kid to educate his boy.

A cool guy that life crumpled a little bit. He likes cars, and even today he shows his Alfa Romeo 75 1.6 to friends as if it were the best car on the planet, one of the last things that still links him to his oldest passion, speed. He once dominated the climb to Carregosa, but today fishmongers and the lack of his wife do not allow him great fun or hobbies. He's a big nut because he has a red Alfa 75 with a big white advertisement on the hood and aside saying “Peixaria Sereia de Cortegaça” as a delivery car instead of a Berlingo or Kangoo.

Bunta Fujiwara - Initial D

Tiago Filipe André is António's son and is a panhonhas much of the time he is not sleeping. However, he hides an exciting secret, as during his fish deliveries he was discovering the dynamic capabilities of the Alfa 75 and with it completely dominates mountain roads, meandering through them and surprising great riders who have fun on the same road. During the day he works at low cost petrol pumps and has some friends who don't carry a cigar but who dream of being pilots.

Takumi Fujiwara - Initial D

Are you interested in the story? No, it is not the next soap opera to be given on one of the television channels but it is an adaptation to the Portuguese reality of Initial D, a Japanese manga story that Shuichi Shigeno brought to the world in comics and that was quickly adapted to cartoons. It tells the story of Takumi Fujiwara , a young man who delivers tofu to his father, Bunta Fujiwara, in a Toyota Corolla (AE86 Toyota Trueno) that in the series everyone says is crap but that in the hands of the protagonist bends everything and everyone with driving techniques brutal.

AE86 Toyota Trueno - Initial D

You will be able to find this series and the film by searching on the internet, something that will certainly keep you entertained during the week that it takes to leave the next Stupidly Random.

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