Estupidamente Aleatório - O Presente é do caraças

Stupidly Random - The Gift is cool

We are 2 months and so from closing the year and entering 2020. This means that we have failed on the premise that we all have a flying car, but we have not failed at all. We are one step away from sending robots to the Moon and Mars to work for masons, you no longer have to vacuum the house, there are guys in between who can walk again with the help of an exoskeleton and the rockets send themselves up there and then they land, instead of floundering.

So let's look at the thing, robots to masons on the moon. Have no doubt that space exploration involves sending robots and exploring remotely. So you don't like to see those scenes from the Ancient Aliens and the hell? We created a race of slaves and sent it to another planet was not what the lord of television said. Yeah ... Us and thing ... Exact ...

Then see how we are at the level of humanoid robots with the Boston Dynamics Atlas.

Marado, right ?!

So now imagine what a big guy’s car is like, nowadays. Well, your brother-in-law's 520d, I know, yes. Is fast. But see Koenigsegg Regera, who has the world record of 0-400-0, that is he is stopped, goes up to 400 kilometers per hour and returns to zero. Yeah, a bit faster than his car, a little piece. But a big piece. Bigger than that!

And then vacuum the house? Good isn't it? Of course. So let's see what we have around here that you can buy today and that don't get paid to vacuum the house. There it is, a Roborock S6. He cleans the entire floor, charges the battery when necessary, returns, cleans again and is always in a good, super quiet state. Now if your dog does number 2 at home while the robot is cleaning it freaks out. But it does happen, like spreading it everywhere and something else.

So what do we have to say next? Yes, it's about the guy who didn't walk and that Clinatec started walking using brain impulses that command an exoskeleton that he is clinging to. Like opening your head, putting sensors in there, closing your head and starting to control a robot with impulses from a specific area of the brain. Super easy, right?

Finally, I'm going to show you something that fascinated my 60-year-old mother. Space X rockets landing after taking a capsule into orbit. Nothing more?! Said by a guy who has trouble assembling IKEA furniture? Okay. Cool.

Well, we're going to have to stop here as it doesn't squash anymore. I had a little here and after that I really threw everything I had out there. That's it, look. Stay for the next one, it can't be all at once.

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