Estupidamente Aleatório - O apagador improvável

Stupidly Random - The Unlikely Eraser

Now a round of applause for the return of Stupidly Random. Did they miss you?

Today we are going to talk about a very interesting character from the boxing universe. At 171 pounds of average weight, Eric Esch was an unlikely relentless eraser given his looks.

Eric Scott Esch was born in 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and started competing in the Toughman Contest in Texarkana, Arkansas, USA in the early 90's largely because of Eric's co-workers who supported him to enter the competition. Despite the most varied stories told about his nickname linked to the chicken and butter bean diet, the true origin of this was revealed by Eric himself on his Tik Tok in 2021. Apparently, a guy at work was bothering him and he had to relieve the pressure on his chins with two punches, and the boy vomited and asked Eric what he was doing, if he was eating butterbeans all the time. After that known as Butterbean by colleagues and the world once again in a story where reality is far less interesting than the story told over and over again for his nickname.

Having been 5 times champion of the World Toughman Heavyweight, with a total of 61 fights, with 56 wins of which 36 by ko and 5 losses, his professional career started on October 15, 1994 in a match against Tim Daniels in Birmingham, Alabama that this one won and followed that result in a professional career with 91 fights in which he won 77 of which 58 by ko, 10 losses and 4 draws and the titles of champion of the IBA World Super Heavyweight and WAA World Heavyweight. After boxing Eric ended up fighting kickboxing in 2003 in the K-1 championship without much success, Wrestling where he was champion of the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Heavyweight Championship in 2009 and also fought MMA having been champion of the Elite-1 MMA Super Heavyweight Championship.

Here's a video made by The World of Boxing channel with the best Knock Outs from Butterbean and that opens with a clip of him asking for a fight with Mike Tyson that never happened.

I hope this content is to your liking and I will get back in touch again as soon as I feel like it.

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