Satélites sobre Portugal

Stupidly Random:Things in Space

It's Friday, you're on the couch and you just saw on social media that La La Land published something new. It seems to be a new segment of their blog that every Friday brings you a stupidly random theme. Bright!

On October 4, 1957, the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into Earth's orbit, this being the first artificial object to enter our planet's orbit. Since then we have cluttered our space yard with piles of space debris, parts of rockets and satellites.

On the you can see all the objects that are orbiting the Earth and where you can click on each of the objects and check if they are a piece of space junk, a piece of a spaceship or even a satellite, with their respective orbits . It is updated every day using data from the website and uses the Satellite.js javascript library to calculate satellite positions.

Space objects in orbit.

Know more about the project at GITHUB .

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