Estupidamente Aleatório - Chapeiros do Youtube

Randomly - Chapeiros do Youtube

If you've never wasted time watching people doing things on YouTube, you're not living life to the fullest. From guys doing gardening, teaching life hacks, or making furniture, there are people who filmed themselves doing everything to put on the Internet. Today I decided that you should know a niche market of videos of guys doing things on YouTube, starting with one of the most famous hatters on the platform, Arthur Tussik.

Arthur is a guy from the East who decides to repair modern cars with windshields that would send them to the sky of cars with techniques known on the street as “from 2 to 1”. Super high level.

In the USA we have these artists who take a Toyota tailgate and transform it into a toy to ride in the races. Good video to see that escape to the bathroom that by only having 10 minutes guarantees you that your legs are not numb.

Then we have this guy who decided to restore a Range Rover Classic that must have been recovered from the seabed. The sheer amount of work left me tired until 2023 and I was just watching.

Stupidly Random is always at the forefront of the best Internet tips in Europe and maybe in Portugal and we reinforce our position as a rare and precious source of quality random themes in your home, fresh, every week. A hug and like anything.

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