Em Junho troca a pilha do teu relógio Nixon à borla.

In June, replace your Nixon watch battery for free.

Nixon - Tune Up Offer June 2019 Nixon has lost his mind and the premium battery exchange service is free during the month of June. Get off the couch now and take care of your little life.

Tune Up is free but only for a limited period, so take advantage! The Service includes:

  • Battery change
  • O-ring quality check and lubrication
  • Box sealing
  • Pressure test to ensure tightness

How to do it? Follow the 3 steps described below:

  1. Go to nixon.com and request the battery exchange service through the Tune Up program.
  2. Nixon will send you a free shipping label, so you don't pay for postage
  3. Send your watch with the seal, and Nixon does the rest! Nixon offers the battery and performs all necessary tests to ensure the smooth functioning of your watch.

And it's done. Enjoy it until 23:59.59 of 30/06/2019

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