Cool kids e a arte de Slow J

Cool kids and the art of Slow J

New year, new items here in your Logbook. Today we debut "Cool Kids" . That's right! From now on, we share with you the life and journey of that crowd that inspires us to be a little cooler every day. And the “kid” that we present you today couldn't inspire us any more!

Born João Batista Coelho is known as Slow J:slow that comes from the calm that impresses everything he does and J de João. Raised until the age of 8 in Setúbal, he spent the 12 years that followed moving house, having lived in places like Carcavelos, Alenquer or Cascais. In music, he found “a constant and a travel company”. And it was she, the music, that took him to London under the pretext of studying Sound Engineering. In 2013, however, and interrupting the course, he returned to Portugal to dedicate himself exclusively to music production.

He works with the great national hip hop (such as NBC and Valete ), draws inspiration from the depth of the poetry of Manel Cruz or Sam The Kid … and that's how, in 2015, his first EP - The Free Food Tape appears. Written and produced in full by J, The Free Food Tape is still recorded, mixed and mastered in his home studio.

This is followed by his first album, The Art of Slowing Down , released in 2017 and, in 2019, the brand new You Are Forgiven where themes like Yours Eternally , Silence or Where are you? come to confirm the rapper and composer as one of the big and unavoidable names in the current music scene.

“… The“ little kid ”climbed mountains, became a major reference, climbed the main stages and positioned himself by undoubted merit in the most advanced line of new Portuguese music, making it clear that he is an entire artist - he who writes and composes, who produces, rhymes and sings, plays and always gives everything, from the skin to the entrails. ” , you can read in Rui Miguel Abreu's text about Slow J.'s latest album.

And if there were any doubts about that, just listen to Slow J's songs and see how Cool Kid's “title” fits him perfectly.

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