Comunicado COVID-19 #1

COVID-19 Release # 1

Good night to all our customers,

we are facing a situation that we never face in terms of public health and that requires us to do what we can to contribute to mitigating the outbreak.

After the meeting of the administration of Ground Stream LDA, the company responsible for La La Land Store, we decided to proceed with the closure of the Santa Maria da Feira store and we will continue to work, we will continue to operate normally through our online store at https://www.lalalandstore .com supported by email and by phone 256040282. It will be through these channels that we will work with all our customers and will not attend anyone in person.

We will actively work to ensure that your experience with La La Land Store will be enhanced with the launch of product videos, support in choosing sizes and implementing new payment methods to make all purchases more flexible and easier.

On Monday we will assess the situation again and get back in touch, hoping that through social isolation it is possible to control the current situation.

Rui Araújo

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