Como cuidar do teu polo Fred Perry

How to care for your Fred Perry polo

In an era where environmental concerns are the order of the day, reducing waste and increasing the lifespan of our consumer products is increasingly a concern. Here are some tips on the best way to take care of your Fred Perry polo to ensure it has a long life.

Lift collars, button up and turn inside out before washing.

In order to ensure that the color and shape of your polo shirt lasts for a long time, you should fully button your polo shirt, lift the collars and turn it inside out before washing it.

Washes less and optimizes washes.

By washing your clothes less and better, in addition to saving resources, you are also increasing the life of your Fred Perry polo shirt.

If you have worn your polo shirt during an intensive activity or if it is quite dirty you should wash it at 40º, if it is lightly soiled you should wash it at 30º and if it is not dirty you may be able to use it once more before washing it.

Fix the polo with your hands and reshape it.

After washing it is important that you reshape your Fred Perry polo shirt, especially if the polo is from the Made in England collection. Piqué tends to lose its shape after washing, so you should try with your hands to get it back to its original shape.

Let it air dry. Do not use machine.

Do not use the machine to dry your Fred Perry polo. Dry it upside down in the shade.

Redo and recycle.

If a stain or a puncture has damaged your Fred Perry polo, don't be upset. Use badges, patches and even tie-dye to increase the life of your Fred Perry polo. If one of the buttons has fallen off, don't despair as all Fred Perry polo shirts come with extra buttons. If you don't have extra buttons, get in touch with us and we'll quickly and together with Fred Perry get you your missing button.

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