Carhartt WIP Relevant Parties Vol. 2 - PAN

Carhartt WIP Relevant Parties Vol. 2 - PAN

In this 1st advance of Volume 2 of the Relevant Parties at your La La Land Store we will focus on the Berliner publishing house PAN, born in 2008, thus being one of the newest labels that have been addressed so far in the podcast, perhaps presenting itself as the most daring in terms of musical choices.

Founded by Bill Kouligas, the DJ, producer and artist has already released works through PAN by several artists, including names such as the British artist and DJ Lee Gamble, his compatriot and Turner Prize winner for visual artist Mark Leckey, the American producer of experimental music Yves Tumor, Chinese music Pan Daijing, German artist Anne Imhof, Venezuela's multifaceted Arca, New York's Eartheater, UK producer Beatrice Dillon and Finnish multimedia duo Amnesia Scanner. For those who want to know the PAN catalog, you can press play below on the Carhartt WIP Radio episode with Kouligas' choices.

Carhartt Work in Progress · Carhartt WIP Radio January 2021: PAN Radio Show

If you want to hear the conversation between Chal Ravens and Bill Kouligas about the value of "difficult music", PAN's 13 years of history and the post-pandemic future of underground culture, click play below.

Carhartt Work in Progress · Relevant Parties Podcast Series - PAN

If you want to buy any of the pieces from the capsule collection or the mixtape, just visit the Carhartt WIP page at La La Land Store by clicking here.

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