About La La Land Store®

Born in the year of grace 2006 in the heart of the historic center of Santa Maria da Feira, La La Land opened its doors to be your streetwear and urban wear store.

With a space completely different from everything that existed locally until then, La La Land assumed its position of reference both on the local and national scene. From the range of clothes, shoes, backpacks and accessories, there are brands like Carhartt WIP , Levi's, Champion, The North Face, Kappa or Fred Perry in a careful selection that gives new life to casual style .

In 2008, the store moved from its premises on Rua Dr. Elísio de Castro, to its premises on Rua Comendador Sá Couto and in an instant we reached 2011, the year in which the company Ground Stream LDA. Was created, which is responsible for the La project. La Land and the exploration of the existing store in Santa Maria da Feira.

As of this date, the store officially changes its name to La La Land Store® and plans for the creation of an online store arise, which would allow us to take all of our fantastic products to the four corners of the world. The truth is that in July 2011 the plans are off the ground and are already a reality: LaLaLandStore.com appears.

Fast forward until 2015, when the La La Land Store moves to a new store at number 1 of Travessa de Campos, a space where it remains today with a warehouse and sale to the public.