Estupidamente Aleatório - Sonho de Menino

Stupidly Random - Boy's Dream

Sorry, but to continue you will have to put the song that is down here playing. Then enjoy.

I don't know what family parties were like when you were little humans, but in mine there were always Gipsy Kings. Always, sagradinho!

It was a time when you could bribe strong and ugly with shoes and the like, everyone walked around with shoulder pads in brown leather coats and wore hairstyles with so much lacquer that they opened a hole in the atmosphere. Going for a ride to Furadouro or Cortegaça riding a fantastic Fiat Tempra, Opel Vectra, Renault 19 Chamade or even a VW Passat was a luxury. Esplanada da Ria with a Renault 21 Turbo, any BMW or one of the many GTIs on the market in the car park was turbo luxury, with ABS.

Now imagine arriving at Rampinha's parking lots, opening the car with the remote, starting it and waiting for it to go up. Exclusivity and high refinement, in an envelope of mastery in the tuning of traction cars at the front and exquisite Gandini design. A car to travel fast Highways with refinement in step and with plastic sheets. BX GTI, himself. One that, like the music of the Gipsy Kings, wanders down the road from turn to turn. Fantastic.

Citroen BX Oversteer

BX GTI was the first car I wanted to have and I bought it together with my wife about a decade after 8 years stopped. It's walking but I haven't restored it yet. If you have a boy's dream, share it with us by DM on Instagram or Facebook Messenger. We want to know about your life.

The Man & Chaço

Bamboléo and A hug!

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