Dançar o tango a solo - Um desabafo sobre as nossas escolhas na logística.

Dancing the tango solo - An outburst about our choices in logistics.

In the past, accounting confusion with our international shipments meant that our company had to look for an alternative logistics partner. The partner we found was not able to fulfill with us what was agreed and contracted and we were presented with a Black Friday and Christmas campaign that was shameful at an international level in logistical terms.

What happened last year forced us to change our vision for the company's logistics. One of the certainties that we have today is that cost is not everything when we want to guarantee that our commitments to our customers are fulfilled.

So we returned to work with Nacex ensuring that deliveries are made within the deadlines we gave you at the time of purchase and greatly improving customer interaction. The customer buys a shipment for the next day with delivery at home and that's what he receives, he doesn't have to pick up the shipment at a counter somewhere in our Portugal with 3 days delay in relation to the agreed delivery time. In addition, the service used for paid shipments is the same that we use for the shipments offered and international shipments are now made in priority services with up to 5 days for deliveries.

We hope that this change of ours will guarantee you more peace of mind in your Christmas shopping.

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